Curly Maple


About Curly Maple

Curly Maple Characteristics:

Same species as Soft Maple. Resembles Hard Maple being closed-grained but much softer. Easily worked. Turns and planes well. Does not require fillers to achieve a glass smooth finish. Accepts finish and paint well Curls appearing across the board are the result of contortions in the grain that reflect light at different angles.

Color Range:

Cream white to reddish brown.

Some Typical Uses:

Furniture, cabinets, accessories, interior millwork, high-end work.

What's the Tree Like?

A popular, fast growing decorative tree. Matures to about 60-90 feet in height and 30" in diameter. The soft Maple grows in Northeastern USA & Canada.


Curly Maple is available in the following thickness:
  • 4/4 (13/16") flat sawn S2S and edged one side