American Basswood


About American Basswood

Basswood Characteristics:

Basswood is the wood of choice for many wood carvers. Easy to work, being very soft and light. Basswood also glues and finishes well. Responds poorly to steam bending. Can be painted, stained, and finished without difficulty.

Color Range:

Pale white to cream color.

Some Typical Uses:

Carving, turning, pattern making, boxes, crates

What's the Tree Like?

A large tree with a long trunk. Matures with a height up to 120 feet and a trunk diameter of 60". The Basswood tree grows in Eastern North America.


Basswood is available in the following thickness:
  • 4/4 (13/16") flat sawn S2S and edged one side
  • 8/4 (1-13/16") flat sawn S2S and edged one side