American Ash


About American Ash

Ash Wood Characteristics:

Quite similar to Red Oak in appearance and many working properties. Excellent shock resistance. Straight-grained with moderately coarse texture. Glues, Stains, and finishes very well.

Color Range:

Light cream to light brown.

Some Typical Uses:

Handles, furniture, cabinets, interior joinery, sports equipment, baseball bats, auto bodies, and some musical instruments.

What's the Tree Like?

Reaches heights of 70-80 feet with a trunk diameter of 24-36". Trunks are often straight and clear of branches for 30-50 feet. The Ash tree grows in Eastern USA and Canada.


Ash is available in the following thickness:
  • 4/4 (13/16") flat sawn S2S and edged one side
  • 6/4 (1-5/16") flat sawn S2S and edged one side
  • 8/4 (1-13/16") flat sawn S2S and edged one side
  • 3/4" Ash plywood, available by special order